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Where Passion Meets Innovation in the Pursuit of Perfection



Yéyo was born from a passion for discovery, and the need to create. Traversing the Highlands of Arandas, Jalisco, our founder Jon Bullinger came upon a family run distillery (Destilería El Ranchito) harvesting impeccable blue agave from their red clay soil and knew his journey would begin here.  Hundreds of tequilas were crafted, tested, tasted, and scored. What followed was a close bond with the Vivanco Family at NOM 1414 and legendary Master Distiller Sergio Cruz. Together we have committed to rally towards  perfection in flavor, and the elusive balance of pepper, sweet, and spice. Yéyo is an intense dedication to trial, refinement, and ultimate drinkability - all in an effort to create tequila, as intended.


Above all else, we focus on the highest quality ingredients paired with a refined distilling process to achieve a tequila with a superior taste. It is this commitment that makes our product different than trendy spirits that come to make a big splash but don’t deliver in the glass.

The formula for Yéyo starts with care for the earth. We harvest only the best-aged agave plants from a single estate, using no added chemicals or pesticides.  

The magic is made when we slowly roast the agave for 53 hours + 7 prep and cool down hours in traditional brick ovens to bring out exceptional flavor and sweetness. After fermenting for 190+ hours with the sweet serenade of Spanish classical music to relax the juice, we double distill in copper still pots for a cleaner and crisper finish. What has evolved is a tequila made for tequila drinkers.

Smooth enough to sip, and a flavor profile strong enough to mix - Yéyo serves as a vivid and distinct base to pair and enjoy.



What’s not to love about crafting a delicious tequila that can be shared and enjoyed?  We’re here for it all.  Harvesting under the blazing Mexican sun. The wafting scents of roasting agave. The kinship with our  family (Feliciano Vivanco) of growers and distillers in Arandas. The smile that lifts someone’s face as they discover and taste truly delicious 100% Blue Agave tequila for the first time. The sessions with mixologists who take our flavors and bring them to new frontiers through cocktails and pairings.


For us - Yéyo is love, travel, family, experience, pursuit, and all the rest. 

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