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Yéyo was born from a passion for discovery, and the need to create a perfect Tequila. A unique blend of the finest natural grown blue de agave, hand-selected from the Highlands in Jalisco, Mexico.



Yéyo is the product of three generations of proud Tequila producers from the small town of Arandas, inside Jalisco. Covered with red volcanic rich soil and adequate rainfall, the best blue de agaves in the world are grown in the Highlands known as the golden triangle.

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Step into a world of discovery with every sip of Yéyo, crafted from the finest natural grown blue de agave hand-selected from the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico.

The journey begins with sustainably farmed agave, grown on the Vivanco family estate where only the purest of earth and water are used. The maturing agave is then slow-roasted for three days in brick ovens, bringing out its natural sweetness and rich earthy flavors.

At Yéyo, we believe that tequila making is an art form. That's why we serenade our precious fermentation with classical music for over 190 hours, creating a relaxed and harmonious environment for both yeast and distiller.

The final product is a double distilled tequila, expertly refined in copper stills to preserve its floral and fruity notes. Each small batch of Yéyo is a masterpiece, passionately crafted for your enjoyment.

Savor the art of tequila, experience the richness and refinement of Yéyo. Harvest. Roast. Serenade. Refine. Sip. Repeat.


Sip. Discover. Celebrate.


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