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Yéyo was born from a passion for discovery, and the need to create a perfect Tequila. A unique blend of the finest natural grown blue de agave, hand-selected from the Highlands in Jalisco, Mexico.



Yéyo is the product of three generations of proud Tequila producers from the small town of Arandas, inside Jalisco. Covered with red volcanic rich soil and adequate rainfall, the best blue de agaves in the world are grown in the Highlands known as the golden triangle.

YEYO Tequila 4.jpg


Harvest. Roast. Serenade. Refine. Sip. Repeat.  

These simple steps craft a spirit that is both rich and refined.  A tequila that can take center stage as a solo act, or mix to perfection. Yéyo is tequila, as intended.

Harvest begins with mature sustainably farmed blue agave grown from red soil at the Vivanco family estate where no pesticides or fertilizer are ever used. 

Three days on low and slow - that’s how our roasting agave is cooked in brick ovens.  This patient process brings out the natural sweetness and earthen flavors that are present in the final product.

It’s all in the details, and for us tequila making is art.  We treat our precious fermentation a steady stream of Mozart for 190+ hours to serenade our agave, relaxing both the yeast and the distillers.

Finally, we double distill in copper stills, offering a refined tequila that has preserved its rich floral and fruity notes.

Last we ask you to sip and celebrate knowing that each small batch of Yéyo is a masterful tequila passionately crafted for you.


Sip. Discover. Celebrate.


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